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To all of you who signed up for Daily Poetry, I want to ask you for patience and compassion. I am a person with ambitious ideas and enthusiasm, paired with a lifetime of perfectionism-induced anxiety. I committed to producing daily poetry, for you and for me.

Upon reflection, however, I realize that this was a laudable, but unrealistic goal. I found myself putting pressure on creating something daily, rather than creating because I needed to for myself and my healing.

I share these poems because I hope that my writing can help others. I have an unusual capacity to willingly share my struggles, my pain, and my pursuit of personal growth. This willingness I recognize has helped many people, and I want to help many more.

That said, I ask for your patience and compassion. I probably will not write daily. I will write when I can, when my soul moves me, when crafting emotional stories from words is my only choice. That doesn't mean I only write when I am unhappy or unsatisfied. I write for many reasons, into many openings. And I look forward to sharing with you for a long time to come.

Thank you for understanding. I love you all.


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Apr 29, 2023

I am glad you aren't doing a daily poem because I can't keep up with a daily poem! I feel writing poetry is an organic process. The appreciation of it is similar. Intense poetry takes even more from writer and reader.

Thanks for everything, Sharon - and, I love this image, too (I use the word "love" too much -- but I know you know what I mean).

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