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we all live downstream from someone 

date. 2022

city. Huntington Beach

size. mixed media mural 67" x 20"

This whale illustrates the vibrant beauty of Huntington Beach's natural landscape and the power of humans to know, care and act as nature’s stewards. Using a combination of glass, ceramic, found nature and trash on a painted background, the whale highlights the flora and fauna of the Bolsa Chica Reserve Area. Waves throughout the whale are created with pieces of trash picked up during a one-hour clean up of Huntington Beach. The waves are lined with mirrored glass to reflect our impact on the habitat and our personal responsibility to address environmental problems humans have created. Animals depicted in the sea, sky and land are those affected by the Huntington Beach oil spill of 2021. The native Californian drought-tolerant plants were selected to promote water-saving in our gardens and landscaping. The whale is preserved in an eco-friendly resin for its final installation at the Huntington Beach pier. See all the Whales in the Streams of Hope public art project here. Sponsored by a collaboration with the Wyland Foundation, the Municipal Water District of Orange County, OC Conservation Corps, and the County of Huntington Beach.

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