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A beautiful smile

Sparkling like sequins

Soft like flowers

She holds us all together

My hand

Your heart

His promises

Her secrets

Their forever love

She holds us all together

Like we never knew

What a sparkle would feel like

Until she entered the room

Until she twirled and tossed petals,

Inviting us all in

Except for her lonely times

There is a crack

That lets light in to her soul

Her heart burned with loss

Her nest made empty

By children grown

I hold everyone together,

But what about me?

A beautiful smile

Hides many things

A sparkle makes the pain

A little less bright

Petting the soft fur of her dog

Painting the strong green of her plants

She notices herself:

Her hand

Her heart

Her promises

Her secrets

Her forever love.

Its time to hold myself together,

she decides

Then she twirls out of the room

into somewhere new

These poems are part of the Cultivating Poetry Project, in which I write for those who need poems for many reasons in their lives, including those in parenthood, grief and loss, chronic pain and fatigue, and those in need of a change or healing.

All poems and images are the property of the poet, Sharon Frances.

Do not use in part or whole without permission.

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