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An offering

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Poems just feel good. To write and read, to give and receive. I asked friends if they would like to receive a poem written by me. I wondered, what fills you? What do you want/need? What gets in the way? What do you do in order to get what you want/need? What inspires you? I decided to cultivate poetry through their stories, and extend an offer of poems to as many people as find them healing, helpful, joyful or any other emotion they need the to feel. I hope you enjoy them too. These are the first two, with great thanks to the women who shared their stories.


At a crossroads

criss cross like the woven bands

of my banana basket,

curved and stitched together

after a year of waiting




I forage my future

in these months,

searching for seeds

red leaves

yet to push through the soil.

I’m here…waiting.

She is not ready yet

el choco red

a slow grower

She is worth the wait.

I move through

the twang in my heart,

ready to show

what I have made

of this patience


The flesh of my feet

Sink into the clover

I stare at a rainbow of petals

Then squeeze a flower softly.

Its mouth opens to tell about

How you held my finger,

your tiny hand gripping

Like a bud ready to bloom

I trace the rosettes

Planted in a heart shape

And imagine the beat of yours

As my fingers tap against

the stone. We are one,

Courage, I whisper to you,

Speckled in my mind

Like sweet and sour

Like the ticks in an hour

Three years and I am starting to heal

Finally coming out the other side

I make a bouquet of zinnias,

petunias and snapdragons.

Tears roll into the creases

of my slight smile.

Bursts of color like you

always restore me.

No matter what happens,

you are always

with me,


These poems are part of the Cultivating Poetry Project, in which I write for those who need poems for many reasons in their lives, including those in parenthood, grief and loss, chronic pain and fatigue, and those in need of a change or healing.

All poems and images are the property of the poet, Sharon Frances.

Do not use in part or whole without permission.

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