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Lean into the night

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

I look back at

her unsuspecting face

So busy

A buzzing bee

Tending her garden

Spreading pollen

To help everything grow

Except herself

So worried

A dust devil

Never stopping

Ever whirling

To hide from the dark

Where her tears fell cold

And dimmed the stars

It’s been four years since

The cells filled me with fear

The medicine sent me spiraling into

A forever rest

A couch nest

A foggy mess

She doesn’t know how good it will be

After the cutting

The poisoning

The burning

Is through

In the years since

Ive spent orbiting the sun

and caressing my scars

I have reassured her

The busy, buzzing self

The one who hid so well

That it is ok

It is fine

It is good

To spend more time

by the windowsill

Fresh air brushes my cheek

A gentle pat of the cat’s tail

Falls in sync with my heart

I don’t bother to hide from myself now

Instead I kiss my salty skin

and lean into the night

These words and images are the property of the poet, Sharon Frances.

Do not use in part or whole without permission.

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